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A modern row of residential houses

Licenses for Alterations

Most flats are owned on a 'leasehold' basis. Some houses are also leasehold, particularly on long established estates.

Most leases forbid any structural alterations to the property unless thos alterations are appoved by the freeholder. Some leases forbid any alterations, in the same way. Therefore, leaseholders generally need to get consent from the freeholder, before significant alterations can be carried out lawfully. Such a consent is generally referred to as a 'license for alteration'.

The process of getting consent generally involves submitting details of the proposed alterations to the freeholder, and responding appropriately to any queries or requests made by the freeholder in response. 

Peter Scott & Associates has acted on dozens of license for alteration matters, on behalf of freeholders and leaseholders. 

Licences for alterations
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