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A modern row of residential houses

Party Wall matters

A party wall is the wall between adjoining buildings.

Since the latter part of the 19th century, there have been laws controlling work to party walls. Party Wall law also applies to situations where one is excavating close to neighbouring property – even where there is no party wall.

The most recent legislation was the Party Walls etc Act 1996. The Act involves some legal formalities, but the intention is purely practical. In essence, the Act provides a process that minimises disputes between neighbours, and allows disputes that do arise to be resolved quickly and easily without the need for litigation or lawyers.

If you intend to carry out building works on a Party Wall, or close to a neighbour’s buildings or structures, you will need to serve formal Notices on your neighbour and all other owners of their land (lessees and freeholders), to comply with the Act. We can do this for you, and then take the Party Wall matter forwards to completion.

If you have received a Party Structure Notice, a Line of Junction Notice or a Notice of Adjacent Excavation, your neighbour is planning to build and you will need to respond to the notice appropriately. If you are unsure how to respond, you can call us in confidence for free advice on your options.  

A colourful row of houses requiring party wall work
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